German Grammar easily explained:

Most people find it very hard to understand the rules of the German language. That’s because they looked at the wrong places. But you’re lucky, you’ve come across the book that has saved hundreds of students from failing their German language tests.

What you'll get

Actionable exercises

You can apply what you learn immediately. No more memorizing words you'll never use.

Real-life examples

Learn to speak the way Germans do.

Easy explanations

It's like having your personal teacher walking you through all the concepts.

What makes this book different?

Use your new language skills the right way

Many other books offer tons of explanations and endless exercises, but they rarely teach you the right situations to use what you learn. In this book, we show you in only 83 pages clear grammatical explanations with real-life examples and exercises. This way, when you speak, you are going to feel excited to realize how few mistakes you make!

From newbie to master

Whether you are trying to master grammar at a high level, you’re brushing up on the german you learned long ago or you are simply trying to overcome the German grammar hurdles of every student. This book offers all the explanations you need for your level, real-life examples and exercises. It’s like having that personal teacher you want to ask all your questions.

Author spotlight

“As the founder of the EVOLANGUAGE schools in Germany & German language teacher, my mission is to give education to everyone who needs it. This book is the result of many years of studies, experiments, experience and efforts put into teaching the German language in a way that even those who have struggled with the language for a long time can grasp all the concepts easily”

Isabell Kuchtin

Readers say

I took an 8-week course at Evolanguage in Frankfurt, everything was great but the book is gold! it was keystone to achieving my goals. Recommended to everyone learning German.

Daniel Aragón

I’ve been helped immensely just by reading the first chapter. I can’t stress enough how helpful this book has been to my German course. Thanks for the book Isabell!

Ivanna Ivanova

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