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Make your career as a foreign doctor in Germany so much easier

We’ve designed our Medical German language courses to help you advance in your career as a foreign doctor or student of medicine in Germany 

Great doctors communicate accurately

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, carer, medical student, pharmacist or researcher. The need to communicate accurately could be a matter of life or death. It could mean the difference between you advancing in your career or not even passing the medical language examination FACHSPRACHPRÜFUNG (FSP). If you are looking for a German language course that helps you communicate more effectively with your patients, that helps you pass the FSP. We’ve got you covered.

Evolanguage Medical Language Courses are exactly what you need

Become proficient at communicating with Patients

Students who have finished our courses now know how to acquire information from and present information to patients fluently and empathetically.

Use key medical terminology effectively

The more you know key medical terms, the more you are capable of understanding and solving all challenges you face while on duty.

Analyse real case scenarios

Memorizing words from textbooks is a sure way to get you bored and learn slowly. Our courses get you exposed to real life scenarios so that you know how to properly use what you learn in class.

Learn how to deal with challenging situations

If you are working already, you know all the challenges you face every day and how sometimes you wished you had a broaden vocabulary to make things easier. That's what you get from our courses.

Become a better Medical Professional

At the end of the day, you know you can do your work better and potentially save more lives only if you can communicate accurately in every situation.

We've got a course that's just right for you

Take it wherever you are...

The good thing about online courses is that you can take them wherever you are, the bad thing is that you are left on your own. With us, we follow up and make sure you get the best out of this training. Discipline and flexibility combined!


The best course you can find in order to help you pass the FSP (Necessary for applying for the Medical License) now online!

This is some of the content we cover:

• German Health System
• Medical texts
• Organs and clinical pictures
• Clinical documentation
• Examples of research
• Doctor-to-patient and doctor-to-doctor dialogues
• Discussions on medical problems
Preparation for FSP - 8 weeks
Minimum of B2 Level Required
Online Classes
Schedule - Monday to Friday: 12:30 - 14:00
4 weeks: 310€ | FULL PROGRAMM 8 weeks: 590€

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*Includes preparation for the technical language examination.


*8 Weeks, includes preparation for the language examination


This course is for you if you are looking for a general language training that combines both: the general German Language course with the medical course. After completion, you can communicate with your patients more effectively, know the German healthcare system and pass the medical language examination (FSP) to be allowed to work as a doctor in Germany.

In-Person Classes
Courses For all levels
Valid for German Visa
German Native Teachers
Schedule - Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 16:00
The course you want and need

In the mornings from Monday to Friday (9:00 to 12:00) you get General Language Training and then from 13:00 to 16:00 you'll enjoy our Specialist Language Training.

We've got an Option for everyone. Choose yours!

Some of the content we cover in this course...

Students who finish this course...

Understand medical texts thoroughly, can easily write and are able to easily pass the FSP medical examination.


Deepening your knowledge and broadening your vocabulary in medical terminology allows you to read and understand medical texts thoroughly, convey messages to your patients more accurately and being better prepared if you are applying for the medical license. This course is about all this and more!

Preparation for FSP
Minimum of B2 Level Required
In-Person Classes
Valid for German Visa
Schedule - Monday to Friday: 13:00 - 16:00

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Course Lenght: 4 weeks - 80 lessons *Includes course Material


Need a course that is specific to your field and tailored just for you? We’ve got you covered. Our Specialist Medical German Language Course is for those who are really serious about their career and need to move quickly towards their goals. 

In-Person Classes & Online Classes
One-to-one Training
Tailored for your Medical Topic
Minimum of C1 level Required
For those aiming at excellence...

Increase your awareness of specialised terminology, analyse real case scenarios and learn how to deal with challenging situations. Dates and course contents can be arranged individually

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*25 Teaching Units

Plus €30 for Course Material

Can't Make it to our school at the Moment?

Try our Medical German Audio Trainer

Simple and Effective

Short videos with medical terminology and with pronunciation practice. Use in typical sentences. You will learn healthcare terminology and how to communicate in different professional situations.

This what you get:

Develop your language and communication skills for a career in healthcare and learn new healthcare vocabulary in German.

Learn medical German vocabulary efficiently and memorize medical German vocabulary fast.

Teaching specialist medical vocabulary in language teaching at a university level. The purpose of this Medical German Trainer is to prepare university students, doctors & medical healthcare staff to communicate effectively in their target work setting and during their clinical practice in German-speaking hospitals.

Get it today for only €29


Remember you can take the medical exam at Evolanguage

With the certificate you will show that you have a very good job-oriented knowledge of German at the competence level C1.
You understand specialist medical language discussions in your own special field and can communicate with other doctors, nursing staff and patients without effort. This certificate is required for job applications in German speaking hospitals. 

More Convenient for you

€180 for a limited time

Our students Love Evolanguage!

Take Sahbani As An Example

„I took a preparatory course for the language test and it totally helped me to pass the test easily. I totally recommend this school to everyone“​

Sahbani Maysem
Mark Korkis

Or Mark

„As a new one here in Germany, I needed to learn German quickly. And I can say that EVOLANGUAGE is the right place for it. The people there are very nice. And concentrate so that you get the best teaching experience. I am very happy with the results and definitely recommend it.“​

Become Proficient in Medical German!

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